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  • Whether you’re getting ready to pitch your idea, launch a startup, or grow your existing company, you need to know how to communicate what you’re doing and spread your message effectively. Marketing isn’t just for big companies.

    If you’re a startup trying to gain customers or if you’re an entrepreneur with just an idea, it’s the same – it’s all about communicating what you have to others – and ‘marketing’ can be anything from running Facebook ads, posting a message to your social media channels, or simply pitching your idea to a potential co-founder. And doing at least some form of marketing – wherever you are in your company’s development – has become more important than ever, and can make or break your success..

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  • “Jumpstart Your Startup or Idea – Incubators, Accelerators & More”.

    Explore your options: Learn ways to fast track your company or idea.

    • What can an incubator or accelerator do for you?
    • What should you do to prepare for funding?
    • How can you speed up your growth?
    • Plus uncover new ways to take your ideas to market

    Panelists include Mike Crill (Atlas Accelerator), Dave Parker (Founder Institute), and Saqib Rasool (Conceivian).

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  • So you want to start or grow your company? Or maybe join the team of a new startup? It goes without saying that finding the right team members or business partners is extremely important. But how do you find the ‘right’ people? How many co-founders is likely to be best? What should you look for in a business partner? Who’s the right developer for your project and where might you find them? And how do you handle equity? This event not only will help answer these questions but should also help you find what (or who) you’re looking for.

    Join us for the opportunity to take part in a unique matchmaking event. Gain the chance to find your match and get your questions answered by experts who know how to build a great team.

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